Spay & Neuter

Pet Spay and Neuter

Pet Spay and Neuter for Peace of Mind

When you get your pet spayed or neutered you give them a better quality of life by reducing their chances for medical and behavioral issues. Also, you can rest assured you’re giving them a routine surgery that’s for the betterment of the entire pet community. Animals that are left to their own devices can have multiple litters throughout a lifetime and their puppies and kittens do as well. Animal shelters in the U.S. see millions of pets every year. Pet spay and neuter help prevent animals from having to be homeless. By getting your pet spayed or neutered, you’ll know you’re not contributing to this epidemic in any way.

Unsurpassed Medical and Behavioral Benefits

The benefits your companion animal receives from pet spay and neuter are some they could not get any other way. When you spay your female pet, she won’t be subjected to what can be frequent heat cycles and her chances of developing certain cancers are lowered significantly. When you neuter your male pet, his chances of developing testicular cancer is eliminated altogether and aggressive behavior may be lessened.

Benefits females receive include:

  • The likelihood of mammary gland tumors decreases, which are malignant in many pets.

  • Unwanted pregnancies are eliminated.

  • The chances for ovarian and uterine cancer is lessened.

  • Urine spraying and marking are reduced or gone.

  • Roaming behavior is dramatically lowered or gone.

Benefits males receive include:

  • Lowered testosterone levels can decrease the chances of altercations.

  • Mounting behavior is lessened.

  • Urine spraying and marking are reduced or gone.

  • The chances for the prostate disease are reduced.

  • The chances for testicular cancer are eliminated.


When to Spay or Neuter Your Pet

It’s best to spay or neuter your companion animal before they reach reproductive maturity. This can be as young as four months for cats and as young as five months for dogs. Both puppies and kittens can receive our pet spay and neuter services at eight-months-old as long as they’re healthy. Older dogs can develop complications from pet spay and neuter. Contact us at Liberty Veterinary Medical Center about spaying or neutering your furry family member! We’re ready to serve the Hinesville pet community.

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