Preparing for a New Puppy or Kitten

Welcoming a new puppy or kitten to your family is so thrilling. Everyone waits expectantly for the arrival of the new family member. But, in the excitement, you could forget some essential things you need to make the arrival of your new feline or canine a happy homecoming.


Here are basic things you need to do in preparation for your pet’s arrival. Use it as a checklist to ensure that you have all it takes to make your new pet comfortable.


Here are some things you may need:


  • Puppy/kitten food and treats

  • Bowls for water and food

  • Cat/dog bed

  • Toys

  • Cat carrier

  • Collar with its name tagged for both cat and dog

  • Leash for the dog

  • Litter, litter box, and scooper

  • Brush

  • Pet shampoo and conditioner

  • Dog toothbrush and toothpaste

  • Dog crate


Prepare Your Home for the Pet’s Arrival


When your new pet arrives, it is best to orient it to a clean, well-arranged home. Make sure that the space is safe because, like children, pets get into everything. Find a room in the house and place all the resources your pet would need. If you’re getting a cat, put food and water bowls, a bed, toys, and a litter box with litter in it. If you’re getting a puppy, put its dog bed, food and water bowls, toys, and dog crate in the room. Take out anything that may get in the way of the pet.


It will help if your floors are pet-friendly. Tile and sheet linoleum make excellent floors. They also make wiping away pet waste easy. Fold any rugs on your floor until the pet is potty trained to avoid messing them up. If you must use rugs, use machine-washable rugs rather than wall-to-wall carpeting. Getting urine off the carpet would be impossible.


On your walls, use semi-gloss paint that is easy to clean. Dogs occasionally shake their spittle and land it on the walls. If you install wallpaper, use washable vinyl-backed wallpaper, which is also easier to clean.


Puppies and kittens are curious natural climbers. So, remove the vertical blinds, extended chords, pooling drapery, and ornate tassels on your windows. If your dog or cat got caught in any of these items, they could get strangled. They could also start panicking and bring down anything around them.


Put away any valuables and breakables and anything that could choke your pet.


Choose Potential Caregivers


Caregivers, in this case, refer to your vet and persons who can watch your pet when you’re away. Before your pet’s arrival, choose the veterinarian who will be attending to your pet. Schedule your pet’s first appointment and have its health examined comprehensively. The vet will advise you on how best to care for your pet based on its current state.


If you’ll be leaving your pet in the care of some family or friends, talk to them and make plans to introduce them to your pet. However, since it’s still relatively early, give the pet some time to get used to its new environment. Also, separate the pet from any other pets you may have until your new pet is used to its new home.


It is a joyful time in your home as you prepare to welcome a new member of your family. As you make preparations around your home, reach out to Liberty Veterinary Medical Center to enroll your pet for vet services when they finally arrive.


To learn more about preparing for a new puppy or kitten, contact Liberty Veterinary Medical Center in Hinesville, GA at (912) 876-3357.

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