Importance of Vaccines for Pets

Like humans, pets can also be protected from various diseases through vaccination. Taking a trip to your vet every year and keeping your dog’s or cat’s vaccinations up to date will keep your beloved pet safe and healthy.


Primary Reasons Why You Should Vaccinate Your Pet


There are several reasons why it’s essential to vaccinate your pet. Besides, experts agree that the use of vaccines within the last century has prevented disease and death in millions of animals. Here’s why you shouldn’t skip the trip to the vet:

  • Vaccination safeguards your pet’s health. Newborn pets generally have low immunity. This makes them vulnerable to various highly contagious and deadly diseases. For most pets, vaccination provides adequate protection against future health problems. If you have other pets, you can also shield them from specific infectious diseases. Should your pet bite another pet, the lack of vaccination could be a significant liability.

  • It protects your family’s health. Vaccinating your pet can also protect the health of your family. Remember that certain infections can spread from animals to humans. These include rabies, leptospirosis, and other zoonotic diseases. Your pet will be a danger to anyone near it if it is not vaccinated. The best way to shield your loved ones, especially the young and the elderly, from such threats is by getting your pet vaccinated and keeping it up to date.

  • Vaccination saves on cost. Vaccination is accessible and relatively affordable. This preventative approach to health care has been proven to be remarkably less expensive than the cost of treating the diseases and infections they protect.

  • It is a requirement by law. In the United States, pet owners are required to get their pets vaccinated against rabies. House-kept animals are also expected to get their vaccination. This precautionary measure aims to prevent health risks should they manage to escape, or another pet gets inside your premises. Some states made specific vaccinations mandatory by law. If you break this law, you will be liable to a fine.


Core Pet Vaccines You Should Never Skip


Core vaccines are vital to all pets based on several factors. These include the risk of exposure, the severity of the disease, or transmissibility to humans.

For dogs, core vaccines include those that protect your pooch from rabies, distemper, canine parvovirus, and canine hepatitis. For cats, core vaccines include those that protect them from rabies and feline distemper. Vaccines against feline calicivirus and feline herpesvirus type I are also considered vital.

A lot of pet diseases are totally preventable with the right vaccination. Through this preventative health care measure, pet owners like you can have peace of mind as you help your dog or cat stay in tip-top shape. Through timely vaccination, you can ensure that your pets and those surrounding them enjoy a safe environment and lead a disease-free, happy life.


Vaccination is key to your pet’s well-being. At Liberty Veterinary Medical Center in Hinesville, Georgia, we can establish a vaccination plan to suit your pet’s needs. We provide quality veterinary services to guarantee your pet’s optimal health. Call us today at (913) 876-3357 for more information.

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