How to Choose the Right Boarding Kennel

If you have to leave your pet for any period of time, you’ll definitely want to ensure that they receive the best possible care in your absence. For this reason, and to avoid placing the huge responsibility of pet sitting onto a friend or family member, we strongly recommend that you look at professional boarding kennels to temporarily accommodate your furry friend.


Leaving your furry family member in the hands of someone else can be quite stressful and worrying. Nevertheless, finding a high-quality, reputable kennel can help alleviate your concerns. After all, your pet will be left somewhere where their safety, happiness, and health continue to be a priority.


Here is our guide to how to choose the right boarding kennel.


Ask For Recommendations

While it is important to do your own research to be sure that the boarding facility you use is right for your pet, it certainly doesn’t hurt to ask around as well. Your friends, family, and neighbors who also have animals may have a boarding kennel that they would recommend. Even if they would prefer not to recommend a specific kennel, they may be able to tell you who to avoid and what they disliked about them.


Ask About Their Entry Requirements

Any good boarding kennel will have certain requirements for any animal who is to stay there. This is because any groups of animals kept in close quarters represents an opportunity for illness and disease to spread. As a result, the kennel operators will want to make sure that any animals coming in to board are as healthy and protected from disease as possible before they are accepted.


Entry requirements primarily involve being able to prove that your pet is up to date with all of the core vaccines that are needed to help protect them and other animals in the facility. Your chosen kennel may also have other requirements, such as requiring all animals staying to have had the vaccine for kennel cough, or proof that your pet has had preventatives for ticks and fleas and is in good general health.


Go And Visit The Kennels In Person

Any pet boarding facility should offer individual accommodation for your furbaby, making sure that they have their own personal space when it comes to sleeping, eating, and lounging. Make sure that this is big enough for your pet to get around comfortably and stretch out in. Also check the cleanliness of the living quarters, ensuring that they don’t smell and there is no waste – either food or animal – present.


Ask To See The Communal Areas Too

Unless you have requested that your pet is kept separate from all others for the duration of their stay, they will almost certainly be taken to communal areas for play and exercise. These should have plenty of space for multiple animals and be clean, bright, and airy. They should also be supervised by a member of staff at all times.


See What Food They Use Or If You Can Bring Your Own

Changing your pet’s diet, even temporarily, can cause them to suffer from digestive problems. Therefore, when you are considering a boarding kennel, it’s a good idea to ask if they offer the brand of food that your pet prefers. If not, ask if it’s possible for you to provide your pet’s own food.


Discuss Their Packages

Most boarding kennels offer a variety of boarding packages that are tailored to the needs of your pet. This enables you to pick things such as how often they are exercised and how many times they are socialized. Some clinics also offer different ‘levels’ of accommodation, meaning you could upgrade to something a bit more luxurious for your pet if you wanted to spoil them while you are apart!


See What Medical Care Is Included

Whether your pet is on medication or not, injuries and illnesses can arise when you least expect them. Therefore, you will want to make sure that your furry best friend is in safe hands if they do become unwell when you are away. Many facilities have links to experienced and skilled veterinarians and can provide outstanding medical care for your pet. Make sure you ask about this when shortlisting potential boarding clinics.



For more tips on how to choose the right boarding kennel, or to schedule a visit to see our facilities, please call Liberty Veterinary Medical Center in Hinesville, Georgia at (912) 876-3357.


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